Our Board and Committees


Board of Directors

  • Deborah Currie – Chair

  • Brock Hart – Vice-Chair

  • David Brenneman – Past Chair

  • Xiaopu Fung

  • Murray Gamble

  • Tim Jackson

  • Dana Liebermann Finestone

  • John Milloy

  • Mike Murray

  • Lori Payne

  • Eric Strassburger


Our Committees


Audit Committee

  • Lori Payne – Chair

  • Deborah Currie

  • Mike Murray

  • Eric Strassburger

Investment Committee

  • Eric Strassburger – Chair

  • Deborah Currie

  • Jason Daly

  • Dennis Huber

  • Tim Jackson

  • Claude Macorin

  • Larry Murray

  • Mike O’Neill

  • Jennifer Ramsey-Armorer

  • Aric Truax


Leadership Identification Committee

  • Brock Hart – Chair

  • Deborah Currie – Past Chair

  • David Brenneman

  • John Milloy

Social Finance Committee

  • Tim Jackson – Chair

  • Deborah Currie

  • Murray Gamble

  • Brock Hart

  • Mike Murray

  • Lori Payne

  • Eric Strassburger

Barnraising Committee

  • Jennifer Astley-Kinsey

  • Nancy Bird

  • Alex Brown

  • Abbie Grafstein

  • Anne Lavender

Community Grants Committee

  • Mellissa McDonald – Chair

  • Randy Gondosch – Vice-Chair

  • Asma Al-Wahsh

  • Elizabeth Arcila

  • Kerry Auguste

  • Beth Bailey

  • Dan Ballantyne

  • Scott Cruickshank

  • Susan Daley

  • Sylma Fletcher

  • Sospeter Gatobu

  • Nicole Hallman

  • Gordon Hatt

  • Melissa Ireland

  • Barb Janzen

  • Jacqueline Keeso

  • Elizabeth Jinsook Kim

  • Patrick McKeen

  • Mike Pereira

  • Jeff Quint

  • Alison Scott

  • Shubhagata Sengupta

  • Isabella Stefanescu

  • Dianne Stickney

  • Natascha Stutz

  • Nate Tedesco

  • Rohan Thompson

  • E’Kong Tse

  • Tracy VanKalsbeek

  • Diane Wiles

  • Chris Wormald

  • David Yoon

  • Sarah Zamin

  • Joanne Zhou

Due Diligence Committee

  • Carl Coehlo – Chair

  • Gareth Nichols – Vice Chair

  • Chris Blanchet

  • Dave Rutherford

  • Kristine Schumacher

  • Robin Stanton

  • Jessica Stockie

Granting Financial Review Committee

  • Ashley Black

  • Chris Blanchet

  • Tom Leonowicz

  • Krista Mair Rourke

  • Robin Stanton

  • Eric Strassburger

  • Natascha Stutz

Youth In Recreation Committee

  • Dayna Giorgio – Chair

  • Dan Robert - Vice-Chair

  • Firsum Areguy

  • Kourtney Beckman

  • Allan Cayenne

  • Andrea Harding

  • Sammie Heard

  • Nick Heffner

  • Debbie Hind

  • Angela Larraguibel

  • Tom Leonowicz

  • Kara McGlynn

  • Katie Misener

  • Ronak Patel

  • Shane Pegg

  • Cindy Weber


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the KWCF Board of Directors on the scope of the external audit, to recommend the selection of external auditors and to ensure an effective communication process to the Board.

Investment Committee

The key to successful endowment funds is investment. The Investment Committee maximizes the Foundation's total rate of return, while protecting the capital investment. This committee works closely with the Foundation's Investment Managers and Consultants to assess returns, risks and long-term investment goals.

Leadership Identification Committee

The Leadership Identification Committee is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and recommending to the Board, mechanisms and candidates for Board membership to ensure that it operates in a manner that allows it to fulfill its legislative, leadership and corporate governance responsibilities.

Social Finance Committee

The Social Finance Committee is a sub-committee of KWCF’s Board of Directors, and is accountable for managing KWCF’s impact investment portfolio in accordance with the social finance mission and principles established by the Board.

Community Grants Committee

It's through grants to local charitable organizations that the Foundation helps donors make that lasting difference in our community. The Grants Committee is responsible for developing policies and criteria for all Community Fund grantmaking endeavours. This committee reviews each grant application and recommends to the Board who should receive those grants.

The Grants Committee keeps a close eye on the community to ensure that the Foundation is responsive to the ever-changing needs of our area.

Due Diligence Committee

The Due Diligence Committee is responsible for reviewing and conducting due diligence on all Impact Investment opportunities that are being considered by KWCF. Impact investments that align with our Policy Statement are referred to the Social Finance Committee for consideration, as applicable.

Youth in Recreation Committee

The Youth in Recreation Committee is responsible for overseeing the review and recommendations of applications to the Waterloo Region Record and Lyle S. Hallman Foundation Kids to Camp Fund as well as the Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth in Recreation Fund. The Committee grants funds to serve local children and youth in areas of camp participation, recreation, fitness, youth leadership, and arts and cultural programs.