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Many of us have the need to feel protected from things that cause us danger or harm.  Policing, emergency response, caring neighbourhoods, and our own ability to defend ourselves greatly impact our personal safety and the security of those closest to us.

10-1 Violent Crime Incidences measures the number of assaults, sexual assaults, homicides, and other violent incidents in the population.

Violent Crime Incidence.jpg

Waterloo Region882913899749618739749749677698
Waterloo Region698578573630572668607597  







Source: Statistics Canada, CAMSIM special order


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10-2 Police Reported Hate Crimes occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his/her perceived membership in a certain group. 

Police-Reported Hate Crimes.jpg

Waterloo Region3.32.7




Source:  Police-Reported Hate Crime in Canada 2007, Juristat, Statistics Canada, 2009


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10-3 The Forcible Confinement* Rate measures how often people are kept somewhere through violence or the threat of violence.

Percent Change in Forcible Confinement.jpg

Canada          Ontario           Waterloo Region

121                 168                 294

* to unjustly hold anyone against their will through the use of threats, duress, force or the exhibition of force (includes kidnapping)

Source:  Forcible Confinement in Canada 2007, Juristat, Statistics Canada, 2009


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10-4 The Crime Severity Index measures the level of severity of crimes committed. The higher the number, the more severe crimes are overall.

Overall Crime Severity Index.jpg 

Waterloo Region100.6193.1487.2480.5181.1378.384.53
Waterloo Region78.8879.6771.2268.92   








Source: "Measuring Crime in Canada: Introducing the Crime Severity Index and Improvements to the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey" Tables 6 and 7.


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