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Education opens up a world of possibilities and greatly impacts our employment, income, and health.  It allows us to stretch the limits of our intelligence and changes the way we view life.

9-1 The Number of People who have not completed High School is an indicator of the number of residents without a grade 12 diploma.

Note, Statistics Canada collects this data for communities across the country and includes individuals in the 15-17 age range who would not be expected to have graduated. This manner of collection is consistent across all communities.

Proportion of the Population that have not Completed High School.jpg

Waterloo Region39.529.928.128.926.526.124.224.322.220.0





Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey by special request.

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9-2 The Post-Secondary Education Level is an indication of how many of our residents possess a diploma, degree, or certificate and how prepared our population is for the jobs of the future.

Proportion of the Population with a Post-Secondary Education.jpg 

Waterloo Region38.240.641.944.241.445.047.449.250.0




Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey, available by special request program A050705.


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 9-3 The Composite Learning Index combines standards for "learning to know, do, live, and be."  It is an overall indicator of residents' level of ability to succeed in society. 

Composite Learning Index.jpg 

Waterloo Region77858982





Source: Canadian Council on Learning.  Index composed of four measures - Learning to know, do, live, and be.


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 9-4 The Percentage of Grade 10 Students Passing the Provincial Literacy Test.  Successful completion of the Literacy Test is a requirement to receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 

Percent Grade 10 Fully Participating Students Who Were Successful in Literacy Test.jpg 

Public Board85n/a86868888
Separate Board83n/a85848284
Ontario Average82n/a84848485



(data was not available for 2005)
Source: Ontario Education Quality and Accountability Office


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