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Education and prosperity are closely linked

Supplementary Local and National Comparison Information

The Number of People who have not completed High School includes individuals in the 15-17 age range who would not be expected to have graduated.

Proportion of the Population (15+) that have not Completed High School Learning Survey Graphs 2008 46.jpg

Waterloo Region39.529.928.128.926.526.124.224.3

Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey by special request

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The Composite Learning Index combines standards for "learning to know, do, live, and be". It is an overall indicator of residents' level of ability to succeed in society.

Composite Learning Index, 2006- 2008 (maximum equals 100) Learning Survey Graphs 2008 46 (1).jpg

Waterloo Region778589

Source: Canadian Council on Learning. Index composed of four measures - Learning to know, do, live, and be.

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The Provincial Reading is determined by annual testing in all publicly funded schools. The grade 3 reading level is an indicator of future success.

%Grade 3 Waterloo Region Students Above Provincial Reading Standard Learning Survey Graphs 2008 46 (2).jpg

Public Board52556059
Separate Board49626666
Ontario Average54596262

Source: Ontario Education Quality and Accountability Office

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The Early Development Instrument provides a measure of what percentage of our children entering school are not ready to learn.

%children without special needs who are not ready for school based on the E.D. I. instrument, 2007 Learning Survey Graphs 2008 46 (3).jpg

 In at least 1 areaIn at least 3 areas
Waterloo Region30.25.5

Source: Ontario Early Years Data Centre

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