Key Areas

Since 2007, The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation has strived to inspire civic engagement, provide focus for public debate and connect philanthropic activity with the areas of greatest need. This year marks the beginning of a new three-year cycle where all 11 indicator areas are reviewed, and where four priority areas are selected for deeper analysis over the coming two years.

To identify the most useful indicators in each of the areas of Waterloo Region's Vital Signs, we established a resource panel of experts knowledgeable about research methods and our Region. The expert panel provides leadership and direction regarding the data and indicators chosen for the report as well as the methodology.

2016 Report Data

PLEASE NOTE: All report data is now available at the links below!
To view the data used to examine the four priority areas in the 2015 Waterloo Region's Vital Signs Priority Report click the links below.

Arts and Culture
Health and Wellness
Belonging and Leadership
Getting Started


The Priority Areas

A lot of time and consideration goes into understanding which Vital Signs issues are in most need of attention in Waterloo Region. Although there will always be some level of need in each of the areas, we believe to truly make change we must focus our efforts. Collectively, the available data, input and background received from our focus groups as well as our Expert Review panel tell us the Vital Signs Priority Areas for 2013-2016 remain:

• Belonging & Leadership
• Arts & Culture
• Getting Started
• Health & Wellness

WRVS Areas Info Graphic-01-01.png

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