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Having access to affordable and safe housing is one of our most basic needs and a must for our Region's residents.

8-1 Percent of Households Paying Over 30% of Income for Housing is an indicator of the affordability of the housing supply.

Percent of Households where Rental Payments as a Percentage of Household Income Exceed 30 percent.jpg 

Waterloo Region36.639.2





Source: Statistics Canada, Census 2001 and 2006, Topic-based tabulations, Housing and Shelter Costs

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8-2 The Ratio of Residential Prices to Income is an indication of housing affordability. As the ratio increases, housing becomes less affordable.

Ratio of MLS Average Residential Prices and Median Economic Family Income.jpg 

Waterloo Region2.772.682.862.652.782.772.803.083.223.343.303.58




Source: Average residential prices found through Canadian Housing Observer, Table 6. ; Source for median economic family income: Statistics Canada.  Cansim Table 202-0202. Based on SLID.


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 8-3 Total Housing Starts is an indicator of the number of new houses being built and the economic outlook of our community. 

Total Housing Starts.jpg 







Source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation,


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8-4 Total Housing Starts with Rentals is an indicator of the future availability of rental accommodation compared to ownership accommodation.      

Housing Starts.jpg 

Total Starts2821350935374130395539123763359927402634
Rental Starts183601691395577733490266666493






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