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Affordable housing - both rented and owned - is a big factor in quality of life and is important in attracting workers to our community.

Supplementary Local and National Comparison Information

A Rental Vacancy Rate is the percentage of rental units vacant in Waterloo Region. A rate of 3% is necessary for a competitive market.

Rental Vacancy Rate 1997-2007 (%25) Housing Survey Graphs 2008 26.jpg

Waterloo Region1.91.510.


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The Cost of Rent Compared to Government Housing Allowances highlights the difference between what people in pay for rent and the amount paid for by the social assistance and disability programs available to those in the Waterloo Region.

 large_Monthly Cost of Rent ($) in Waterloo Region - 1 Bedroom Apt. and Housing Allowances 2006, 2007 Housing Survey Graphs 2008 26 (1).jpg

Average 1-Bedroom Rent Cost668690
Shelter Allowance - Ontario Works335342
Shelter Allowance - Ontario Disability427436

Source: Waterloo Region Housing Stability, May 2008,

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Total Housing Starts is an indicator of the number of new houses being built and the economic outlook of our community.

Total Number of Housing Starts, 1990-2007 Housing Survey Graphs 2008 26 (2).jpg

Waterloo Region2,9812,1312,2401,7051,7471,1051,9682,1712,5492,821
Waterloo Region3,5093,5374,1303,9553,9123,7632,5992740

Source : Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, http://www.cmhc-

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The Average Multiple Lisiting Service (MLS) Housing Price is an indicator of the affordability of home ownership in our community compared to others.

Average MLS Housing Price ($) 1990-2007 Housing Survey Graphs 2008 26 (3).jpg

Waterloo Region159,718154,725145,015138,896141,683135,452134,839141,387143,104146,495
Waterloo Region157,317164,548177,559188,905205,639220,511237,913252439

Source : CMHC

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