Getting Started 2009

Setting out on the right foot is extremely important for the future success of our community's newcomers, children, and youth.  Their accomplishments are reliant on our combined power to welcome and integrate them into our community and our workforce.

Supplementary Local and National Comparison Information

6-1 Net Migration is an indication of how attractive our community is to others.

Net Migration Over Previous 5 Years.jpg 

Waterloo Region6.25.92

Source: Statistics Canada. Annual Migration Estimates by Census Division/Census Metropolitan Area.  Table 111-0029.

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6-2 Licensed Child Care Spaces is an indicator of how adequately our community is providing supervised child care.

Licensed Child Care Spaces.jpg

Waterloo Region103104
Ontario Median128136

Source: OMBI 2007

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6-3 Child Care Investment is an indication of how well governments are doing at providing subsidized child care in our community.

Child Care Investment.jpg  

Waterloo Region406416
Ontario Median422530

Source: OMBI 2007

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6-4 The Unemployment Rate for Youth is an indicator of how well we are doing at getting our young people started on their working lives. 

Unemployment Rates for Youth.jpg 

Waterloo Region14.612.31112.211.910.21111.2119.81110.9

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