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Affordable, eco-friendly, and effective methods of transporation ensure that we can get where we are going safely and efficiently and contribute to the overall sustainability of our community.

Supplementary Local and National Comparison Information

5-1 Traffic Congestion on Major Roads is an indicator of the number of vehicles on the road which can impact travel time, air quality, etc.

Traffic Congestion on Major Roads.jpg

Waterloo Region152514971542
Ontario Median153015341510

*Vehicle Km travelled per lane Km '000s

Source: OMBI 2007 Performance Benchmarking Report


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5-2 The Number of Conventional Transit Trips (not including special vehicles for people with disabilities) is an indication of how well the transit system is used overall.

Number of Conventional Transit Trips.jpg

Waterloo Region293132
Ontario Median303332

Source: OMBI Report 2007

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