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Getting Around: 2007 Archive - Supplementary Information

The ease and cost of getting from place to place in a community are important factors in gauging the community's liveability.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, references to "Kitchener" refer to the Kitchener Census Metropolitan Area (CMA).

Traffic Congestion

Traffic Congestion on Major Roads* (2005)

Waterloo Region 1,525

*Vehicle Km travelled per lane Km '000s

Source: OMBI 2005 Performance Benchmarking Report

Number of Workers Who Use Public Transportation

Table XII-2: The Percent of Workers Who Use Public Transportation to Get to Work for Vital Signs Communities, 2001

Kitchener 3.9

Source: Statistics Canada. "Community Profiles" were used for CAs.

With 3.9 percent of workers using public transportation to get to work in 2001, Kitchener had 37 per cent of the national public transportation utilization rate and 31 per cent of the provincial rate.

National Comparisons (PDF)

Number of Conventional Transit Trips

Number of Conventional Transit Trips Per Capita, 2005

Waterloo Region 29

Source: OMBI Report 2005

Cost Per Transit Trip

Cost Per Transit Passenger Trip, 2005

Waterloo Region 3.31

Source: OMBI Report 2005

Transit In-Service Hours Per Capita

Transit In-Service Vehicle Hours Per Capita, 2006

Waterloo Region 1

Source: OMBI Report 2005


Cost to Operate a Transit Vehicle per Hour, 2005

Waterloo Region $87

Source: OMBI Report 2005

National Comparisons (PDF)

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