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 From the air we breathe to the ground we walk on, a healthy and sustainable environment is critical to the well-being of our community.

Supplementary Local and National Comparison Information

 3-1 Residential Waste Diversion (recycling) is an indication of how well we are protecting our environment. 

Percent Residential Waste Diverted.jpg 

Waterloo Region404345
Ontario Median37424

Source: OMBI 2007, 2007

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3-2 Air Quality is an indicator of the number of days that have high ozone levels. 

Number Days with Air Quality Concerns.jpg 

Waterloo Region2630178271126

Source: Environment Canada.  Data obtained by special request.

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3-3 Megalitres of Treated Water is an indicator of how well we are preserving our limited water resource.

Megalitres of Treated Water.jpg  

Waterloo Region12,22112,124
Ontario Median16,18416,572

Source: OMBI 2008

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