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 Canada's natural beauty is a hallmark, and also reflects how we treat our environment. How are we taking care of our environment?

Supplementary Local and National Comparison Information

Air Quality is a key ingredient in our health and our community's liveability.

# Days with High Ozone Environment Survey Graphs 2008 9 (2).jpg

Waterloo Region26301782711

Note: Ozone daily maximum 8 hour average greater than 65 parts per billion

No Source

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The more we Divert Residential Waste (recycling) from landfill, the better we use our available land.

%Residential Waste Diverted 2005, 2006 Environment Survey Graphs 2008 9 (1).jpg

Waterloo Region4043
Ontario Median3742

Source: OMBI 2006

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The Total Average Daily Residential Water Flow is an indicator of how well we are doing at conserving our limited fresh water supply.

Total Average Daily Flow of Water for Residential Use in Litres per Capita Environment Survey Graphs 2008 9.jpg

Waterloo Region233.2240.4

Source for municipal data: Environment Canada. Water Use Data 2004. Based on Municipal Water and Wastewater Survey for survey years 1999 2001 and 2004

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