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The arts touch the spirit and nurture the soul, enriching the quality of life in any city. This sector can also be an important economic and employment generator.

7-1 Vital Signs® Canada Original Data Sources

7-2 Vital Signs® Canada Original Data Sources - Where Waterloo Region Stands

VII-1 Library Use

Number of items circulated per capita

Kitchener Public Library8.6610.269.81
Waterloo Public Library8.3210.9711.95
Cambridge Public Library9.118.648.35

At 9.9 items circulated per capita in 2006, library use in Kitchener was down 1.0 per cent since 2005, but up 14.4 per cent since 2000.

Source for 2006 data: 2006 Canadian Public Library Statistics. Combined Ranking Tables.
: The city of Ottawa had more than one library service in 2000; this data only reflects the Ottawa Public Library.
: Mississauga. Public Library Statistics 2005 2nd revision. Pages 18 and 32.
Source for 2000 data
: Mississauga. 2000 Canadian Public Library Rankings. Pages 5 and 6.
: The figures for Montreal, Toronto, Kitchener and Vancouver were population weighted by the 2001 Census population.
: Annual Circulation reports the total number of items checked out for all formats, e.g. books, videos, CDs, DVDs, periodicals, etc. This includes all renewals (in-person, telephone and electronic) whether a staff member was involvedor not.

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VII-2-b: Employment in Occupations Related to Arts, Culture, Recreation and Sport

 Total EmploymentEmployment in arts, culture, recreation and sportsProportion of the experienced labour force in Arts, culture,Total EmploymentEmployment in arts, culture, recreation and sportsProportion of the experienced labour force in Arts, culture,
Kitchener CMA229,8855,4352.36254,5255,8452.30

In Kitchener in 2006, 5,845 persons were employed in occupations related to arts, culture, recreation, and sports, up by 7.5 per cent from 2001. Employment in these cultural industries accounted for 2.30 per cent of total employment in Kitchener. By comparison, these industries accountedfor 3.10 per cent of total employment in the province as a whole and 2.98 per cent of employment Canada-wide.

Source: Statistics Canada, Census 2001 and 2006, Community Profiles. Data are for the Census reference week.
Source for 2001 data
Source for 2006 data

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VII-3: Attendance at cultural events

 Attend concertAttend theatrical performanceAttend popular musicalAttend symphonic musicAttend cultural festivalAttend cultural/heritage danceAttend any other kind/type of cultural event
Kitchener CMA41.120.2E21.1E11.7E16.9E15.1E6.5

In 2005, 41.1 per cent of people in Kitchener have reported attending live performing arts. This rate of attendance was 0.2 per cent below the national level of 41.2 per cent.

E: Use with Caution
: Statistics Canada, special request, General Social Survey,2005.

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VII-6: Median Earnings of Full-Time Full-Year Earners in Professional Occupations in Arts and Culture

 20002005 20002005 
 Median earnings ($2005)Median earnings ($2005)Per cent growth in median earningsNumber of full-time full-year earnersNumber of full-time full-year earnersPer cent growth in full-time full- year earners
Kitchener CMA42,65940,512-5.01,0301,1057.3

At $40,512 in 2005, median earnings of full-time full-year workers in professional occupations in arts and culture in Kitchener were 7.9 per cent below the national level ($44,010) and 13.3 per cent below the provincial level ($46,717). Median earnings for that occupational category were down 5.0 per cent from $42,659 (2005 dollars) in 2000.

Source: Statistics Canada, Census 2001 and 2006, Highlight Tables
Source for Provinces
Source for CMAs and Cas
: Professional occupations in arts and culture include: librarians, conservators, curators, archivists, authors, writers, editors, journalists, translators, terminologists, interpreters, occupations in public relations and communications, producers, directors, choreographers, conductors, composers, arrangers, musicians, singers, dancers, actors, comedians, painters, sculptors and other visual artists.

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