Types of Gifts


When you’ve made the decision to give, you’ll want to consider the options that work best for you and your situation. Our goal is to ensure your gift will make the most impact as possible for causes and charities important to you, while suiting your financial needs and personal or corporate values.


Read about how donors are creating lasting legacies while helping our community.


Gift options available include:

  1. Make an outright gift of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or other assets to Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation. Your gift qualifies for maximum charitable benefit under federal law.

  2. Give appreciated securities to eliminate capital gains tax and get an immediate tax receipt for the market value of those securities.

  3. Designating a gift in your will is an easy way to leave a lasting legacy. After you have taken care of your loved ones, leaving a percentage of your estate for an endowment will make a difference to the causes and charities important to you, and in some cases, receive a substantial reduction in federal gift and estate taxes.

  4. Designate the community foundation to receive a portion or all or of the proceeds from your life insurance, reducing your estate taxes. You also have the option to transfer ownership of the policy to the foundation, receiving an immediate tax receipt for the cash surrender value. Ongoing premium payments are also eligible for a tax receipt.

  5. Place cash or property in a Charitable Remainder Trust that pays annual income to you (or another named beneficiary) for life. After your death, the remainder of the trust transfers to Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation, and will be placed in a charitable fund you've selected. You receive income tax benefits the year you establish your trust.

  6. Transfer an existing Private Foundation or Charitable Trust. Administrators may find it practical and economical to transfer assets to a fund within Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation. This will ensure that the intent of the fund is maintained for future generations.

  7. Establish a corporate giving program. A business may find it advantageous to use the Foundation as a vehicle for its community giving. A fund might honour a retiree, or recognize a board member or employee for outstanding contribution to your company or organization. You may also establish a fund in the name of your company and allow employees the opportunity to contribute to your company fund, with an employee committee determining where grants will be distributed annually.

  8. Give a gift in memory of a friend or relative.

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