Grantee Recognition Guidelines and Use
of KWCF Logo


Grantee Recognition Guidelines

If your organization receives a grant from Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation (KWCF), we appreciate public recognition wherever possible. We understand that the type of recognition you are able to provide will depend upon the nature of your project and organization.

Please download the documents below to see the recognition and logo requirements if you receive a grant through KWCF. For further direction or guidelines on proper usage, please contact or 519-725-1806 x 209.


Use of KWCF Logo

Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation’s (KWCF) logo is one of the most important visual components of our identity. It has been designed to reflect the diversity of our community so everyone can see themselves connected to KWCF.



Contact Rochelle Benoit at 519-725-1806 x 209.