KWCF Grants $30,000 through the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge to youth-led projects at charitable organizations in Waterloo Region

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Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation Grants $30,000 through the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge to youth-led projects at charitable organizations in Waterloo Region

(Kitchener, Ontario) November 5, 2019

Today, Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation (KWCF) announced $30,000 in grants to youth-led projects that address diverse and urgent local priorities through the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge. Funding was provided through a $15,000 grant from the RBC Foundation that was matched by KWCF.

Grant recipients include:

  • Social Venture Partners Teens, a program that connects and empowers local teens to create meaningful change in Waterloo Region and beyond. This grant will support taking the pilot program to the next level to be more inclusive, engaging, and have a wider reach in our community.

  • Coalition of Muslim Women KW’s new Safe Spaces Initiative that will provide a safe, culturally-sensitive space for young women who identify as Muslims in Waterloo Region to build a community to discuss concerns, current issues, and foster leadership, empowerment, and more.

  • Wilmot’s Youth Action Council to assist with Youth Week 2020, an event including the Rural Youth Forum, that brings together the youth in Wilmot Township for fun, learning, and building community capacity.

The goal of the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge is to enable youth to receive funding to support their bold ideas to address urgent community priorities. It is an opportunity for young people to lead, learn new skills, gain experience, and build relationships in their local communities -- all things that will help them prepare for the future of work. As a whole, the challenge aims to empower Canadian youth for the jobs and community realities of the future.

“We want to thank all of the youth, and their partner charities, that submitted creative and innovative applications through the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge, says Elizabeth Heald, President & CEO, Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation. “We are excited to be able to support impactful initiatives developed by youth and led by youth that will make a difference in their future and in our community.”

“Young people are not future leaders – they are leading social and environmental change right now. We are honoured to play a role in the bold change that youth are leading across the country through this national initiative with RBC,” says Andrew Chunilall, CEO of Community Foundations of Canada.

“As an active member of this community, I’m proud to see how the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge is making youth part of the conversation and also part of the solution,” says Massimo Iacurti, Regional Vice President, KWC, RBC.

In early 2020, KWCF and RBC will also bring youth and community members together for ‘Vital Conversations’, community dialogues focused on creating a better future together.


About Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation
Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation (KWCF) enables people, companies and organizations to do more good by making it easy for fundholders to give and for charities to receive money. When you make a donation to KWCF, they invest that gift into a permanent endowment fund which generates income that is then distributed through grants to support a wide range of charitable causes within our community. As a leading community-building organization in Waterloo Region, KWCF is focused on collaborating with partners to identify and meet current and future needs of our community, by enabling social capital and developing creative forward-thinking innovative solutions for place-based philanthropy.  

About RBC Future Launch Community Challenge
The RBC Future Launch Community Challenge is being hosted by Community Foundations of Canada and participating community foundations, and is made possible thanks to a $5M donation from RBC Foundation. It is part of RBC Future Launch, a commitment by RBC and the RBC Foundation to empower Canadian youth for the jobs of tomorrow. Over the next 10 years, RBC Future Launch is dedicating $500 million to help young people access meaningful employment through practical work experience, skills development opportunities, networking solutions and mental well-being supports and services.

For more information, or to set up interviews with KWCF and/or a youth recipient, contact:
Lynne Short
Vice President, Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation
519-725-1806 x 204