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Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp - Single Mom's Camp

Sometimes, it takes just one person to believe in you, one person to say, “You matter,” to make a difference. And one good turn creates a ripple effect in the lives of others.

Corrie-ann Snow experienced such a turning point in 2004 when her Outreach Worker suggested she attend Single Mom’s Camp to give her a break from her constant stress, and for her three kids (ages 1, 7 and 9) to have a rare summer holiday.

“Single Mom’s Camp was an oasis,” says Corrie-ann now.

While she connected with…

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YMCA Newcomer Youth Pathway to Belonging Project

When Ibtisam Saeed first landed in Canada eight years ago after leaving Saudi Arabia, her immediate reaction was, “This is a cold country!” But the cool, damp spring of Waterloo Region was the least of the 16-year-old’s worries.

“I wanted to make friends and fit in,” she says now. 

But how? Saeed didn’t speak English, and everything about Canada seemed overwhelming and indecipherable. That is, until a YMCA staff member visited her English language class and convinced her to attend a…

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Empowering Our Future Leaders

The major issues affecting our communities, and our world, are not lost on today’s youth. They want to make a difference and take on these challenges, but they often feel ill-equipped and disconnected.

Building on the “Me to We” concept, EPYC (Empowering Proactive Youth and Communities) designed a program to connect youth to community, provide them with mentoring opportunities and help them realize that their skills and ideas have value.

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