Company Funds: Leaving a corporate legacy while engaging employees in the community


Nearly 18 years ago, employees at TD in Waterloo Region learned about the KWCF’s endowment funds. After watching a presentation explaining how the Foundation sets up and distributes funds, as well as how companies and individuals can get involved in giving back to their community, they decided to establish what is now known as the TD Employees Endowment Fund.

“Employees liked the concept of giving back to the community through an endowment fund,” explains Karen Doepel, Manager at TD Commercial Bank in Kitchener.

“TD is always looking to give back to the community.”

Company endowment funds have many benefits: they help with employee engagement, recruitment, and retention and often align with strategic business goals, including branding and corporate social responsibility. In addition they leave a corporate legacy in the community and allow for employees to interact with the community in new ways.

TD has a staff committee that gathers information on the work being done by local non-profits. The KWCF helps them identify what causes align with their company’s interests and provides them with details on funding needs and priority areas. Then, the committee presents choices, and the employees are able to collectively choose which organizations to support.

Throughout the rest of the year, TD employees raise money to contribute to the fund through charity BBQs, staff raffles, and other events. These activities allow them to remain engaged with the fund and contribute in different ways. Everyone is able to get involved in whatever way is appropriate for them.

“Having the endowment fund helps us keep our focus on fundraising and giving back to the organizations that help our community,” continues Karen.

In the past, grants from the TD Employees Endowment Fund have supported Strong Start, KidsAbility, Lisaard House, KW Habilitation, and more.

The KWCF has multiple options for companies, organizations and associations wanting to establish an endowment fund. The minimum amount to do so is $5,000. For more information on how you can establish a fund, or contribute to pre-existing funds, please visit

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