34 Years of Inspiring Philanthropy in Employees


The non-profit and for-profit worlds don’t often collide, but when they do, awesome things can happen.

Take the KWCF and Quarry, for example, who have worked side by side for the past 34 years. This continued support has helped the KWCF produce annual reports, Vital Signs assessments, and various initiatives for Random Act of Kindness Day®. Quarry has also provided invaluable guidance and assistance in evolving the KWCF brand over the years to ensure that it appropriately adapted to resonate with our community.

According to Quarry President Ken Whyte, “it just feels like a natural partnership.”

“We’ve continued our support because it ‘feels’ like the right thing to do,” he says. “And always, through every project or challenge, Quarry has felt respected and appreciated for the skill and talent we can bring, so it’s this experience that translates into a long-lasting relationship.”

Quarry has instilled a sense of giving back in its employees, and always encourages them to get involved with whatever they are enthusiastic about. This has resulted in many employees reaching out to a variety of organizations, year after year, to offer up their knowledge and expertise when it comes to marketing, communications, and advertising.

“We see the great work that the KWCF does in our region, so it’s easy for an organization like ours to get passionate and dedicated in supporting good work,” Ken explains.

For Quarry, “doing good” in the community simply means lending a hand. While this can be in the form of financial donations, it’s often through volunteering time and talent, which goes a long way in helping non-profits who face resource constraints. Ken encourages those at Quarry to lead by example and inspire philanthropy throughout
the company and the community as a whole. It’s how they measure ROI—Return On Involvement.

“In our daily work, we try to find solutions to problems where our clients win, our organization wins, our teammates win, and our communities can win,” he says. “Giving back needs to be a core element of every organization. We have a great internal team that takes the lead in determining a whole variety of things we get involved in.”

For Quarry, giving back to the community has become second nature, and the KWCF is incredibly grateful for everything they have done over the years. Quarry is a great example of a culture of engaged employees connecting to causes and issues that matter to them. They are an excellent role model and set a great example for other companies to follow on how to give back to our community.

Click here to download and read the KWCF's 2017 Annual Report.