Kids to Camp Fund - Letting Kids Be Kids


Katie* has always spent her summers outdoors. Being outside is where she is happy: she can draw pictures of trees and animals, build forts, and escape from the stressful situations at home; but the confines of her backyard only let her imagination run so far. 

'I want to go to a week-long camp,' dreamed Katie one sunny afternoon with a smile. 'Sarah and Megan told me about how much fun they had last summer at camp. They were outside all the time, but Mom says we have to save up so I can go.'

When Katie's mom contacted a local camp to enquire about prices, she was met with a pleasant surprise: the camp offered subsidies for children from low-income families. Instead of waiting a year to save, Katie would be able to attend camp this coming summer. Katie's mom was ecstatic. She knew this overnight camp was just what Katie needed. 

"Without financial support, camp wouldn't happen for Katie," said Katie's mom. "My daughter needs camp. It is where she can find herself, where she can be calm, and where she can relax and not worry about what's happening at home. Financial assistance gives her this beautiful opportunity I can't."

Now Katie will be able to experience summer camp for the first time, and create lifelong memories with her friends. 


The Waterloo Region Record Lyle S. Hallman Foundation Kids to Camp Fund has been successfully sending children from low-income families to local day and overnight camps since 2008. The purpose of the fund is to ensure that children in our community, regardless of their family's financial situation, are able to experience summer camp. This year, 16 organizations received grants-worth a combined $46,845-to help send kids to camp. 

"We have always seen a great deal of value in that camp experience," explained Laura Manning, Executive Director of the Lyle S. Hallman Foundation. "Whatever shape it takes: helping kids to stay active, to get outdoors, [or] to get exposure to high-quality programming."

Regardless of which camp the children attend, one thing is clear: the Kids to Camp Fund gives children in our community an unforgettable experience. 
"They just get to be kids," concluded Manning. 

*Katie is a fictional character based on the experiences of real kids in our community.