Waterloo Region's Vital Signs


In 2013, The KWCF launched the full report of Waterloo Region’s Vital Signs® which took a high-level view of the areas challenging our community.

Last October, The KWCF launched the 2014 edition of Waterloo Region’s Vital Signs®, a priority report with a more in-depth focus on the areas of Belonging & Leadership, Arts & Culture, Health & Wellness and Getting Started. Because we know that every challenge an individual faces in our community is only exacerbated by issues with access to personal transportation, a special focus on Getting Around was also included.

The Priority Report reveals that, although our overall sense of community belonging is on the rise, those aged 20-34 still report a sense of belonging that is significantly lower than the remainder of the community. How do we get these people to feel like they matter?

Did you know that 71.6% of residents who attend cultural events report a stronger sense of belonging in our  ommunity? Did you know that simply walking around your neighbourhood can increase your sense of belonging?

Although we may not realize it all of the time, small interactions with one another can make a big impact on an individual’s sense of belonging. Since the launch of the Priority Report, The KWCF has been out in our community speaking about the importance of belonging. We understand and acknowledge that community members are faced with the very real challenges of housing, poverty and food security, but how can we improve the quality of life for individuals in need if we do not address the underlying issues that led them to be marginalized in the first place? In other words, we cannot simply supply housing or food, but we must work with the individuals to help them realize their value and importance to our community. To tackle the complex issues, those of us with the resources and skills to make a difference need to feel like we can make an impact.

We must work together to find a solution that will help individuals step up and be the change they want to see, and The KWCF is committee to reaching out to key stakeholders to educate and foster that change.