A Long-Term Commitment to Our Community's Mental Health

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KW Counselling Services Agency Endowment Fund

Few would dispute the claim that KW Counselling Services, a longtime KWCF grantee, is the ultimate multi-tasker. 

Committed to creating positive change for vulnerable youth and their families, the agency does everything from offering counselling to individuals, couples and families, helping laid off employees deal with stress, empowering abused women and teaching parenting skills. The agency takes a leading role in advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, teaches newcomers how to open bank accounts and even acts as a training institute for 50 to 60 graduate students studying to be therapists.

Yet to be able to focus on so many vital areas, the agency depends heavily on fundraising dollars and the generosity of donations coming from the community - not always the most dependable and consistent source of income year to year. So, after conferring with present and past donors, KW Counselling Services decided to make a change and offer donors something new: an agency endowment fund. 

"People want to make a lasting difference. They want to feel like their gift isn't just a gift today, but a gift for tomorrow as well," says Leslie Josling, Executive Director. 

An agency endowment fund is an attractive way for a non-profit organization to establish an endowment. Donors know the fund's principal isn't touched, but grows over time. Only the interest is spent so the financial support can be counted on each year. 

After investing several options, KW Counselling Services decided to work with The KWCF, based on shared goals and a longstanding positive relationship. Josling estimates that The KWCF has supported at least one successful program at the agency each year. Usually more. 

"The Community Foundation gets us and shares our values. It know our community and we hoped this partnership would make the endowment fund even more effective," she explains. 

It wasn't until the Board of Finance Committee met with The KWCF to discuss the fund, did she appreciate the complexities around creating it. The KWCF staff spent time answering questions and offering advice. 

"We could see they offered far more than just a fund for us. They were prepared to come alongside us, help us maximize the fund and communicate with our community about it," she says. 

What's more? From the time KW Counselling Services gave the fund the green light, it took less than two weeks to establish it. 

"We're looking forward to what we can accomplish with the fund for the community," says Josling.