Lost and Found Theatre Brings Back a Holiday Favourite

CDWCC cratchits by Tom Vogel.jpg

Families wanting to get into the holiday spirit will soon be able to experience a unique take on a classic Christmas story. Next month, Lost and Found Theatre will be performing one of their original productions: Charles Dickens Writes a Christmas Carol.

“The cool thing about this version [of the story] is that it actually starts out in Dickens’ study, where he’s struggling with writer’s block,” explained Kathleen Sheehy, one of the Ensemble Members with Lost and Found Theatre. “We see him get inspired to begin writing the story, and how his own life kind of ties in with some of the aspects of it.”

Charles Dickens Writes a Christmas Carol was written by a local community member, who has been involved with Lost and Found Theatre for several years. At first, it was performed as a live reading, but a few years ago it was decided to show it as a full production again.

“It’s the biggest show we’ve ever done,” continued Kathleen.

Lost and Found Theatre is unique in that it always strives to work with local writers, actors, and producers. For this particular production, Lost and Found recruited singers for the chorus, as well as actors for all of the main roles. Involving up-and-coming performers allows them to gain experience, and learn the ins and outs of how a theatre company operates.

“We really focus on trying to engage local artists as much as possible,” Kathleen said. “That’s always our first approach: to see how we can cast locally. For us it’s more than just making sure we put on an excellent production; it’s also about being a really active, supportive member of our local artistic community.”

The public is welcome to come out and watch one of the productions. They are family-friendly, and a sure way to get everyone excited for the holidays. Plus, a portion of all proceeds are donated to The Waterloo Region Record’s Books for Kids program.

More information about Charles Dickens Writes a Christmas Carol, and other Lost and Found Theatre productions, can be found online at http://www.lostandfoundtheatre.ca.