RAK Day 2017


Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual celebration of kindness on November 3rd! For ten years, The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation has spearheaded and driven the local and national Random Act of Kindness Day® movement.  
This year, 45 community partners stepped up and made kindness a priority in our community on November 3rd. This included our friends at the Region of Waterloo, Waterloo Regional Police Service, University of Waterloo and more! 
Social media platforms were a-buzz with stories of kindness and acts being performed throughout the Region! 
Collectively, we were able to reach approximately 2.2 MILLION people, which resulted in over 4.8 MILLION timeline impressions. To top it off, #RAKDAY was ranked #1 across Canada until noon and among the top five trending hashtags for the remainder of the day! WOW!
Stories are the best tool we have to inspire others to join in the RAK Day movement. If you received or performed an act of kindness (anytime - not only on RAK Day!) we want to hear it! Please email them to Rochelle Benoit at rbenoit@kwcf.ca.