Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp - Single Mom's Camp

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Sometimes, it takes just one person to believe in you, one person to say, “You matter,” to make a difference. And one good turn creates a ripple effect in the lives of others.

Corrie-ann Snow experienced such a turning point in 2004 when her Outreach Worker suggested she attend Single Mom’s Camp to give her a break from her constant stress, and for her three kids (ages 1, 7 and 9) to have a rare summer holiday.

“Single Mom’s Camp was an oasis,” says Corrie-ann now.

While she connected with some 15 other moms during Mom’s Focus Sessions, a speaker series, plus pampering with massage, her kids blissed out on old fashioned camp fare. There was swimming, canoeing and archery led by positive role models—many male, something absent from many of the kids’ lives. Family Time brings everyone together for campfires, talent show and meals.

“You can get pretty isolated. It’s amazing to share struggles and strategies with other moms in a positive space,” says Corrie-ann.

Inspired by so many strong women over five summers, Corrie-ann enrolled in school to become a support worker for lower income-families. “Now I refer my clients back to the camp.” And two of Corrie-ann’s kids worked as counselors themselves before entering college.

A family history of abandonment, foster care and street life was broken. “I learned how to take the reigns of my own life, to move above my circumstances and to make different choices.”

In 2015, Corrie-ann was invited back to share her own inspirational journey. “As I spoke to the moms about the ripple effect—how one positive choice can lead to another—a participant stood up to share.” Joanne, who had been quiet all week and had changed her mind last minute to attend, shared stories of being bullied at school. But, in Grade 4, there was one girl who stood up for her, a kindness she never forgot. That girl was Corrie-ann.

“Right then, I recognized her!” says Corrie-ann. “We were both living a misery back then. Seeing her here, knowing that I made a difference in her life back then and now is such a gift.”

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