Empowering Our Future Leaders

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The major issues affecting our communities, and our world, are not lost on today’s youth. They want to make a difference and take on these challenges, but they often feel ill-equipped and disconnected.

Building on the “Me to We” concept, EPYC (Empowering Proactive Youth and Communities) designed a program to connect youth to community, provide them with mentoring opportunities and help them realize that their skills and ideas have value.

To ensure the success of its program, the EPYC team wanted to test and evaluate the model before reaching out to the youth in our community. Funding for planning and evaluating can be difficult to secure, but the staff at The KWCF recognized a fit with two funds that resulted in a grant and validated the model EPYC wanted to use.

The result is the Empowerment Workshop series, designed to focus on secondary students aged 13-17 who are socially aware, passionate and active in our community. The workshops range in topic from harnessing passion, developing leadership and fostering social innovation.

But The KWCF didn’t just provide funding. EPYC was given connections, encouragement and strategic assistance with social media to promote their workshop series. Partnering with The Foundation meant they were better able to set the stage for the workshop series.

And the students? Workshop participants are given the knowledge, skills and tools to drive social change. They develop the confidence to find their voice so that they can sit at an existing community table or blaze a trail of their own.


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