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Engage!KW Philanthropic Leadership Program

Please complete the online application found HERE by August 29th, 2014. 

Looking for more information? Looking to confirm your availability with your employer but need something to show them? Click HERE to download the Engage! KW information sheet.

What is Engage!KW?

Engage!KW is a seven-month philanthropic leadership program created by The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation (The KWCF). Through three-hour sessions (one per month) participants along with 30 of their peers take part in facilitated group discussions on a variety of topics, engage in self-reflection and learn more about working with non-profit organizations. Topics will include non-profit and charitable work, a 101 look at non-profit board governance as well as the principles of philanthropy and donations. In addition, you will learn about yourself and your values; both as a citizen and as a leader.

 Why should someone apply to Engage!KW?

 Someone should apply to Engage!KW if:

  • they want to make a difference in our community
  • they want to learn more about this region and the social profit (non-profit/charitable) organizations doing work within it
  • they are too busy
  • they want to learn more about leadership
  • they want to learn more about themselves

What isn't Engage!KW?

 Engage!KW is not:

  • a seven-month networking session
  • an opportunity to learn about social media
  • a program suitable for those unwilling or not ready to tackle bigger personal goals and values

Who should apply to Engage!KW?

The ideal Engage!KW candidate has the skills, experience, and desire to work with or in the social profit sector of this community. They support Waterloo Region, and want to step up and make this community a better place to live, work and play.

 Why does the KWCF produce Engage!KW?

As a community foundation The KWCF has the unique opportunity of encouraging change for the betterment of our community and a higher-level, we can focus strategically on the issues facing our region. We support this community by building, investing and leading.

We believe that by building capacity in emerging leaders, we are contributing to our collective success.
We believe that by investing in unique learning and hands on opportunities we can inspire.
We believe that by supporting you as leaders, we will ensure our community will become the place we all envision it could be.

For more information contact:
Chelsea Arnott
Leadership Programs Coordinator or 519-725-1806 ext. 206

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