Getting Started

Geting Started: Family Philanthropy

How to Get Started

Total family involvement is one of the main keys in successful family philanthropy. As a family, discuss the charitable goals that are important to each and every one of you. Ensure there is an atmosphere of openness, trust, accountability, communication, value sharing, team consensus, and unification behind a common mission.
*While more difficult and time consuming, this will help to avoid the trap of you and your spouse dictating the future to your children. This will also help to ensure that there is less disagreement among siblings after your passing.

Check out the Family Philanthropy Workbook and the Comparing Three Approaches to Giving document to help guide you in this process.
If you'd prefer to have someone facilitate this process with you, please contact our office at (519) 725-1806.

Take Action!
As a community knowledge resource, The KWCF can help you access the tools and information you need to engage your children in meaningful philanthropy in the causes that matter to you.

You decide which charitable organizations are important to you and The KWCF will handle all administrative, regulatory, evaluation, and reporting requirements.


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