Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for making recommendations to The KWCF Board of Directors on the scope of the external audit, to recommend the selection of external auditors and to ensure an effective communication process to the Board.

Leadership Identification Committee

The Leadership Identification Committee is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and recommending to the Board, mechanisms and candidates for Board membership to ensure that it operates in a manner that allows it to fulfill its legislative, leadership and corporate governance responsibilities.

Grants Committee

It's through grants to local charitable organizations that The Foundation helps donors make that lasting difference in our community. The Grants Committee is responsible for developing policies and criteria for all Community Fund grantmaking endeavours. This committee reviews each grant application and recommends to the Board who should receive those grants.

The Grants Committee keeps a close eye on the community to ensure that the Foundation is responsive to the ever-changing needs of our area.

Investment Committee

The key to successful endowment funds is investment. The Investment Committee maximizes The Foundation's total rate of return, while protecting the capital investment. This committee works closely with the Foundation's Investment Managers and Consultants to assess returns, risks and long-term investment goals.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is mandated by The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation's Act of Incorporation and is responsible for appointing The Foundation's Board of Directors.

Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth in Recreation Fund Committee

The Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth in Recreation Endowment Fund supports community recreational programs designed for children and young people in our community. The Committee grants funds to sport, recreation, fitness, youth leadership, camping/outdoor experience and education, and arts and cultural programs.




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