About Grants

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KWCF is a charity for charities.

Although we don't provide charitable services, we do help community organizations make a difference by providing them with funds for new programs, capital needs, student awards and much more.

When you make a donation or gift to KWCF, we invest that gift into a permanent endowment fund - reserved trusts. Your original gift is not spent. It generates income that is then distributed through grants to support a wide range of charitable causes within our community. It is through these grants that we help you make that lasting difference.

Currently, we grant approximately $3.4 million annually in the community in partnership with our fundholders and donors.  


Target Areas of Focus

This year, our target areas of focus are the 3 key priorities that have risen from the Wellbeing Waterloo Region work. The three areas are:

1. Affordable Housing – where everyone has a place that they can call home.

2. Healthy Child and Youth Development – where all children and youth have a foundation they need to thrive and reach their potential.

3. Social Inclusion – where everyone is welcome and can belong.

Our Community Grants and Barnraising Grants, will be accepting applications that deal with these priority areas.